Polished modern sideboard

French Polishers of Distinction
We specialises in furniture repairs and polishing.

A polished set of table and chairs

Our reputation has been built on high quality
We take great pride in our work.

Completely repolished antique cupboard

Scratches, dents, holes, knocks, burns
These are some most common types of damage we repair.

A restored modern cabinet

Broken castors, broken hinges
Some of the items can be made by us and some will be replaced.

A beautifully restored old wooden piano

Remember, it is the finishing touches that matter
Craftsmanship that endures is admired for generations.

Restored antique table

Antique furniture of all periods
French polishing of antique furniture from all periods and styles

Polished modern table

Modern furniture
Re-polishing and sparying methods of modern furniture

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